Creative Ideas for Your Tile Remodel

Looking to redo your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or other parts of your home? One of the most durable, hassle free, and economic solutions for a new floor is tile. You’ve probably spent some time looking for a good tile contractor to handle your tile remodel, that’s all over.  At Artisan Tile of Utah, we pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s tile needs. In addition to traditional tile remodels, we are committed to proving to you that we are the best tile contractor in Utah by offering creative ideas for your tile remodel.

Tile Fitting

– Non-Traditional Tiles and Tile Patterns 

This may seem like a fairly obvious way to spice up your home, but a surprising number of people forget to ask about non-traditional tile patterns. If you want a tile design that will wow your visitors, it may be as simple as adding an unusual pattern. In addition to having your tile remodel done using a unique design, you can also look at using unusual tile. Odd shapes, textures, and colors are all great ways to break out of the ordinary. Artisan Tile is  excellent in helping you find a solution that fits in your home.

– Tile Walls and Mosaics 

Maybe the idea has never occurred to you, but tile can be laid just as easily on your homes walls or ceilings as it can on floors. People are used to seeing tile in bathrooms like the one above, but your tile remodel can also include a mosaic or similar feature. One attractive idea is using tile as a splash-guard for your kitchen range, but you can also create other designs. Some areas to think about are unused wall space in your kitchen, dining, or living room. We’re even willing to create tile designs to cover the wall around your doors.

Line Cutting Tile
Precise Tile Pattern

– A Final Idea 

One way you can really shake things up with your tile remodel is by asking your tile contractor about tile furniture. We’ve seen things like tile headboards, tile tables, coffee tables, benches, shelving, and even rugs patterns.

There are many different ways to create these kinds of tile projects, so don’t be afraid to explore. We are more than willing to go through the entire process with you—and if you live in Southern Utah or the St. George area we want to be your first choice. Our aim is to be the number one tile contractor in St. George and Utah. Contact us today to get started.